Senior Dental Care

Dental Care for Seniors

Maintaining dental health is important when it comes to any ages. Seniors are especially vulnerable to oral health problems as their ages advance. With our specialized dental care, seniors can enjoy their elderly years with good oral hygiene and enjoy a healthy smile.

senior dental care

Common Dental Health Problems

Advancing ages put seniors into many dental health problems, including:

Understanding and reducing risks of dental health problems is important for senoirs. As seniors are getting older, medical conditions like arthritis can make brushing teeth or flossing teeth difficult and medications taken by seniors also affect their oral health.

Oral Hygiene Tips

We care about senior dental health and we offer different services at our centre, including:

During Dental Exam

Our dentists will go through your medical history and conduct a dental exam for you, you can expect to be asked questions including:

We are looking forward to provide dental services for you! Please contact our office if you are planning to schedule a visit.