Cosmetic Dental Options From Dr. Oksana

In this day and age, cosmetic dental options are on the rise. There are options for whitening and shaping teeth, closing and replacing them as well. Plus, the tools and techniques available to us and other dentists are widely varied and ever growing. Here in Milton, many clients come in seeking cosmetic dental options for their teeth. However, lack of knowledge that can help them decide what they really want. As a Dental Center, we look out for our clients, so we will be going in depth about what some of the cosmetic dental options are!

Teeth Whitening

More often than not, you see beautiful white teeth on TV and hope by getting your teeth cleaned by your dentist, you might get the same thing. However, it is not that easy. The issue lies with how our teeth work, in that the enamel, the stuff that makes our teeth look white, naturally degrade over time, giving teeth the yellow look. This natural cause can be sped up or worsened through smoking, consuming unhealthy foods and beverages, and many other activities.

What the dentist will do is create a custom mouthpiece that ensures the right amount of teeth whitening solution reaches your teeth. However, some may find it convenient to do it at home, so ask your dentist. Then again, you run the risk of the process taking longer than it would have had you did it at the clinic. A clinic run operation will take a bit more than one 1-2 hour visits.

Once the operation is done, you will be left with your desirable set of white teeth. Yet, that does not mean you are done. Much like your previous set of teeth, and the activities that led to enamel degradation. You need to take steps to ensure the coating is not exposed to harmful substances, etc… Brush at least twice daily, floss once, and use mouthwash to clean out your mouth.


This isn’t one many people expect, but it also falls under the category of cosmetic dental options. Having crooked teeth can cause mental anguish and generally make your smile look worse, however, braces can help you with that. We have seen the great benefits of braces first hand. Our clients from Milton who receive braces come back to remove them after a while. Then we upfront see the joy it brought them.  

The first thing the dentist will do is place brackets on your teeth. Usually made of metal, ceramic, or even plastic. Then the dentist will place wires through the brackets which helps guide the teeth into their correct position. Once that is done, and the braces are secured, you will experience discomfort for a few days. Also, your oral hygiene becomes even more important wearing braces, so take care of them. If you run across any problems, feel free to give your dentist or the dental centre a call.


They are essentially custom shells made from either porcelain or plastic and covers the front side of your teeth. This is used to change their colour or shape. They can last long periods of time and helps improve your teeth. Some improvements can be to fix permanently stained teeth, slightly crooked teeth and teeth that have spaces between them.

Prior to installing the veneer in your mouth, the dentist will check over your tooth, and the buffs it and then cements in the veneer. The dentist will use a beam of light that will harden the cement which secures the veneer to your tooth. One thing to note is that since the veneer is made in a laboratory, hence you will be required to make a second visit to your dentist.

The three cosmetic dental options covered above are some of the popular choices. However, there are many more, and they will be covered some other time. If you have any questions or comments regarding what is said, please contact us!

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